We passionately advocate for your right to live in Canada, always upholding a respectful demeanor. With a wealth of experience in handling over 1,000 immigration cases, we possess the expertise to navigate through any immigration scenario effectively. Our services are designed to assist you in achieving your Canadian immigration goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. Book a Consultation  NOW to start your success immigration journey today!

Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, we will review facts regarding your situation, discuss your options, answer your questions, and provide you with a plan of actions. We will devise strategic solutions to meet your immigration needs.

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Case Preparation

We assist you in preparing a comprehensive application package. Due to the rigorous requirements set by IRCC, it's crucial to submit a complete package initially to prevent any delays.

We skillfully compose a compelling submission letter, addressing pertinent factors in writing and organizing the laws and jurisprudence as necessary. Our extensive understanding of the law and substantial experience form the cornerstone of your immigration case's success.

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We support you throughout the entire process of your immigration journey. We manage all correspondence with Canadian authorities, act as a liaison between you and the government, and intervene with Immigration Canada if any additional steps are required.

We consider our success demonstrated when clients express gratitude for our guidance, advice, and unwavering support every step of the way. Our client testimonials prove that we consistently exceed client expectations.

Clients Testimonials
  • Jul 21 2021

    How To Craft A Successful CEC Application

    CEC & Express Entry Explained
    Express Entry is a system that Canada uses to select qualified skilled workers for granting them permanent residency. To many foreign workers and international students, Express Entry is the easiest and most economic way to obtain Permanent Residence status in Canada, however, the stringent documentation requirements and complicated Comprehensive Ranking system have confused many. 

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  • Mar 03 2021

    Received a Removal Order, What Should I Do?

    The existence of a removal order does not necessarily mean that the CBSA can remove someone from Canada. If you received a removal order, or asked to leave Canada. I can help you through the process of deferring removal orders. Please contact me to arrange for a consultation. 

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  • Mar 09 2021

    Open Work Permit 

    A foreign national who wishes to work in Canada must apply for and obtain a work permit. [1]
    There are 2 types of work permit: Employer-specific work permit (employer sponsored) Open work permit ​​​

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